Gunnar Halle - norwegian trumpet player,

composer and producer living in Oslo.


Nov 12th 2015,  FINALLY, there is a releasdate. April 30th ‘Istanbul Sky’ is released on Ozella Music. And yesterday I got some pictures from our very cosy concert at Mono this autumn on sep 11th. Eivind Aarset, Gunnar Halle, Knut Finsrud and Putte Johander.

aug 14th, First concert with Eivind Aarset on guitar will be

thursday sep 11th @ Mono in Oslo. 20:00

Be there:)

aug 12th got my CD today. Can’t wait to get the vinyl!

july 4th, first concert with the band at 5E, @Copenhagen Jazzfestival. Stephan Sieben - guitar, Putte Johander - bass, Knut Finsrud drums.

Feb 14th. I have now signed a contract with the German label Ozella Music, runned by Mr Dagobert Böhm. Jubiiii! The album ‘Istanbul Sky’ will be out by early atumn 2014.

Feb 10th. Espen Eriksen and I just got a deal with Hubro Rec and Andreas Meland to release our 2nd album called Psalm. It’s again music from the Norwegian church psalm book. Recorded in Rainbow Studios in april 2013.

Jan 31st. Played with FatDog today in Gothenberg, and before that we had a short but effective and fun photoshoot with Kristin Lidell in her studio:)

Nov 15th Kajsa Guldberg is finishing art work for my first record in my name these days. It looks great!

Aug 19th Just got the final master from Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering, and I’m very happy!! Very grateful to all those who contributed on the record, and to all that helped me giving advice on the way. The result is even better than I hoped for, and then you can’t really ask for more, can you?

July 1st. I’m doing my best these days to finish my first own album, that will hopefully come out by autumn 2013. It has live recordings by drummer Knut Finsrud, bass player Thommy Andersson and myself on trumpet. And then overdubs by me and my electronics, Eivind Aarset and Joakim Frøystein on guitar, Maria Laurette Friis is singing one of the songs, Jon Meinild plays vibraphone on the same song. Final mix will be done by August Wanngren in Copenhagen.

April 25th The two last days Espen Eriksen and myself recorded our second album in Rainbow Studios in Oslo. The first one, Meditations on Christmas was a great success, but we are now moving a step further with new music. -or more precisely old music, since we once again are improvising over and arranging old hymns from the Norwegian church psalm book.

feb. Fattigfolket just got a new drummer, Per Odvar Johansen, probably the finest there is in our solar system! We did a tour in Italy in january, and he made us all fly! We are now considering what to do next, and will hopefully come up with some great exciting plans and a new name very soon!

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